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Thursday, February 19, 2009


I just had a confrontation with one of our educators in
our public school system. These people are suppose to
be molders of our kids,but how can they , when they
themselves need molding.
They are responsible for educating our children,and
some do not care enough to get in touch with the
parents to relate what is going on with your child.
I tried to ask this"person" about my child and she
got an attitude. They some times have no people
skills. they need to be retrained every year.
We as parents need to keep a close watch on what is
going on in our childs classroom.
Do not get me wrong, not all teachers are bad, some
are exceptional,but some take the job just for the
paycheck, not as a vocation. I will not give up on
the education system though.


  1. It's never alright for a teacher to get short with a parent. I taught school for five years. I always treated parents with much respect. However, none have really caught bad attitudes with me. Yeah, I've come across some really good teachers in my career, but there are some who don't belong there.

  2. Thanks SB I am glad you see where I am coming from.