Let me reminisce in past bliss, Let me savour each dawn's new kiss.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thinking of others

Today being Christmas eve, lets spend sometime remembering the
ones who are less fortunate than us , and who cannot be with
family this holiday season . Our guys in the millitary, on the holidays
they would love nothing more than to be home. Lets keep them in
our prayers. As we do our last mad rush to the stores try to be
tolerable today(you are going to need to) lines will be ridiculous.
Of course I will be one of those in line,I am a last minute shopper.
Appreciate being with your family this holiday.

Have a joyous Christmas and God Bless.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Fuzzy Feelings

This is my favourite time of year, maybe because my birthday is in December
I always feel happier, I am nicer to people (this is rare). I like the excitement of
getting ready for the holidays, decorating my house and drinking eggnog.
Its always nice getting together with family and reminisceing about
christmas past.
The best thing is how happy my son is when he gets what he wants.
Christmas for me is not about me getting gifts, but about giving and
remembering the meaning of Christmas and just having that
fuzzy feeling in my heart.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Keeping intouch

Its a wonderful thing when you have a friend you dont mind talking to.
You are reminded of good times(& not so good times) .
You dont mind getting that phone call .you know it will be
a great 2hrs conversation that will leave you with a warm feeling
(not from the overheating phone on your ear) in your heart.
I must thank Michael who was very instrumental in getting me
and my dear friend together again. Thank you .
Its a good feeling to hav a good friend.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Finding a friend

This is first of many blogs to come in my reminisce segment.
If anyone has ever lost touch with a very dear friend, then you can
see where I am coming from.
I spent the last 12 years searching for dearest friend
I search the net and could not find her, then I signed up on
reunion .com, and lo and behold they found her ( it was not free, "thieves")
but I got intouch with her. It was like we have never been apart(except I am older,
still pretty though). We spent 3hrs on the phone , I fear the bill I'll get(she is in London)
A lot has changed but kinda remain the same, we both have families,but we are
still a little crazy (in a good way).
All in all don't ever give up searching. Will talk again.