Let me reminisce in past bliss, Let me savour each dawn's new kiss.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Looking back and looking forward

2008 is now done,
2009 has just begun.
Lets see what it will bring,
As we try to ring it in.

2008 had historic events,
As we elected a black president.
Fire burns in the Californian suburbs,
As million dollar houses turn into embers.

I gave birth to a baby girl,
who now shares my world.
My son is in junior high school,
he now thinks he rules :)

Found people that was lost for years (12yrs),
and like good friends, they still cares.
Spent time with my grandmother, who was born in 1916,
unlike most people, she is still very keen.

Fighting over land in the far east,
that kind of war will never cease.
Land that belongs to GOD,
they will never be satisfied with what they've had.

They cannot take it with them,
yet, they kill family and friend.
Years of ancient war,
what has it gotten then so far?

With this been the first day of the new year,
lets press on with joy and cheer.
Lets take long strides,
that will give us a glorious ride.

Lets ring in the NEW YEAR with bells on,
I hope this will be a momentous one.
The year 2009 is a blank slate,
lets do our best, to make it great.

inspired by Poeticpin.


  1. Deany,

    Happy New year to you and your family!!! Love your artistic post!
    God be with you and your family this new year.
    One love